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Online Contest

Evil Laugh Lab

Progressive Insurance, partnered with Despicable Me 2 to create an online experience that challenged you to record a laugh more evil than the minions for a chance to win the grand prize.


NB Girls Night Out

A campaign that redefines Girls Night Out.

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TEDx Poster

This info graphic summarizes a talk by Larisa Leventon at TEDxBeacon Street about how we can consume more data if we just update our current systems to allow the information to surround us.


Site Experience

Rate Suckers

Bad drivers are Rate Suckers. They make your insurance rates more expensive. Through TV, online, and print we spread the word about the Rate Suckers and how Snapshot from Progressive get rid of them.



NB News Feed

Everything running. Everything New Balance. A tool that allows New Balance customers, the company, and their athletes share their love of running and of New Balance through articles, video, and images.


iPhone App

Snapshot Challenge

Progressive Insurance was the first to develop a way of measuring a driver’s safety levels to determine an individual’s rate. Now there’s an app for their customers to try out the technology using their phones.

Evil Laugh Lab NB Girls Night Out TEDx Poster Rate Suckers NB News Feed Snapshot Challenge